On April 11, English and communication majors at Keene State College held presentations on various internships they have had this year, giving seniors the opportunity to showcase the companies they have been working with. 

Izzy manzo / equinox staff

Izzy manzo / equinox staff

Senior William Sheerin is an intern for Bauhan Publishing in Peterborough, New Hampshire, which publishes regional books on history, art, nature studies and poetry. 

“The way that these authors write these essays – they’re fun,” Sheerin said, “The way they write is so rich.”

Sheerin said he specifically edits manuscripts and works with the graphic designers, but his biggest project is transcribing letters written between a man named Sydney Williams, his wife and his father during World War II.

Sheerin described having access to the letters as surreal and shocking. “I’ve never held primary documents like this in my hands,” he said.

In October, senior Sam Whitaker started his internship at InDepthNH, a small online news outlet. 

He took over a column called “Gay Agenda” and writes about opinions and personal issues.

“There are no strict rules, so creativity is so important – I have to come up with an idea and then write about it,” he said.

Articles he’s written include KSC’s Pride Parade, which was held on April 7, and being a “gaymer,” focusing specifically on lack of LGBTQ+ representation in popular video games.

Although he writes articles based off of his own experiences and opinions, Whitaker said he has also found an interest in creative fiction writing through classes he has been taking. “I didn’t think that it was something I’d enjoy, but I actually really like writing that genre,” he said.

Senior Chelsea Birchmore, a public affairs intern at Planned Parenthood, said  although it was different than what she expected, it was still something of interest to her. 

“While it’s not heavy on writing, I find myself using my analytical and communication skills I’ve learned,” she said.

Birchmore said  it involved a lot of politics and activism, and she’s in charge of safeguarding women’s health on a local, state and federal level. 

She said one of the biggest moments during her internship was the passing of New Hampshire Senate Bill 421, which allows women to get one year of birth control in one visit with no copay. 

She said while there were some Republicans who worried that SB421 could infringe on relationships between patients and caretakers, she does not think that will happen. 

Rather, it would prevent insurance companies from enforcing limitations that force women go to the pharmacy on a month-to-month basis.

The conference was an excellent way for students to discuss what they have been doing in the area. 

Those who presented had a wide range of internships, giving an insight into the kinds of opportunities that students could pursue.

Izzy Manzo can be contacted at imanzo@kscequinox.com

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