On Monday, April 2, the Keene State College Social Activities Council (SAC) revealed on their Facebook page and a banner in the L.P Young Student Center that the KSC spring concert lineup would be opened by rapper Cousin Stizz and headlined by singer-songwriter Tinashe. 

SAC also revealed on their Facebook page that during the week leading up to the spring concert, which will be held Friday, April 20, they will be hosting events such as laser tag and stuff-a-plush. 

A hypnotist and comedians will be coming to KSC throughout the week as well. 

SAC member Rachel Graves said, “We decided to have several events to better suit more students. We are able to reach more students.”

Graves said, this year, the spring concert is at the same time as festival season, and therefore some of the artists whom SAC originally wanted to bring to KSC couldn’t come. However, Graves said she is happy with the artists who are coming and has heard a good reaction from the KSC community. 

KSC students weighed in on what their reaction was to hearing the lineup for this year’s spring concert. 

Senior Emma Ayotte said she doesn’t know of the people who are coming, and if she’s heard a song by them, she doesn’t recognize them by their name. “I probably won’t go… I probably would go if I had known them,” Ayotte said.

Similarly, senior Justin Murray said he also has never heard of them and doesn’t plan to attend. Murray said for him to go, he would have to at least heard of the artist. “Honestly, I don’t even know where they found her,” Murray said.

Senior Courtney Bedard said she hasn’t decided yet on if she will attend or not. “I am not too familiar with either of them,” Bedard said, and added she would like to see someone for spring concert who performs electronic dance music. 

First-year Ryan Bachand said he is interested in attending. “I am not sure who she is, but I know of Cousin Stizz and he is really good. I think I may know one of [Tinashe’s] songs,” Bachand said. 

Senior Taylor White said he most likely won’t attend. White said it isn’t so much the genre of music that would determine if he went to the concert, but more so the prominence of the artist. 

Junior Joshua Paquette said because of other priorities, he will not be attending the concert and feels as though the concert in recent years has been the same genre. “I enjoy classic rock, so it would be cool to have that, but when trying to please everyone, it is best to go more modern,”  Paquette said. 

Graves said the spring concert planning process begins in the fall with an online survey that goes out to KSC students and allows them to tell SAC who they would be interested in seeing. 

SAC then looks into artists within their budget and negotiates with the artist. Graves said the time leading up to spring concert involves a lot of preparation for technology, security and more. 

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