Tensions between the United States and Russia have been growing at a faster rate these past few weeks, and it’s for a number of reasons. However, there are two major ones: Syria and the 2016 U.S. presidential election (which many have seen in the news), but why? More importantly, why should you care?  

Here’s the thing, you should care. The Cold War is the closest the world has ever been to complete destruction, and with bigger bombs, faster deliveries and a lot of grudges, it looks like the U.S. may get even closer this time. 

On top of that, Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election will have a large impact on how the U.S. will conduct elections, as well as put more funding towards the Cyber-Security Sector. 

Let’s start with Syria and discuss what exactly is going on and why we are worrying about a country almost 7,000 miles away.  

Starting with protests against the Assad Regime, the Syrian civil war grabbed immediate attention from terrorist organizations. Ex-Al-Qaeda members fled from Iraq and began recruiting people in the war-torn country of Syria. From the ashes of Syria and the Middle East rose the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). 

Later on, the nation took the international spotlight for a long period of time when the Assad Regime used chemical weapons against rebel groups and civilians. Russia joined the conflict in mid-2015 to back the Assad Regime, which is where some of the tensions between the U.S. and the rival began to blossom once again. 

Because the U.S. was supplying and eventually training rebels who were fighting against the Assad Regime, tensions rose significantly. The U.S. and Russia agreed not conflict with one another directly, however, Russian mercenaries were killed by U.S. soldier just a few months ago, according to Axios.com. 

Having to tiptoe in Syria has been especially difficult with Russia’s involvement. Having Turkey (a U.S. ally and station for NATO nuclear weapons under U.S. control, according to armscontrol.org) on the brink of collapse has only added to the problem.  

The cherry on top is the Kurds–a local ethnic group having fought for their independence for a long time–who have announced their departure from assisting the U.S. and are now fighting against Turkey in the Eastern half of Turkey. 

The Kurds played a large role in helping the United States combat Al-Qaeda in the mid 2000s, and while this situation, akin to another Vietnam, may seem like the biggest issue, the bigger problem actually lies in the Mueller Probe.

The 2016 presidential election had an outcome very few expected, and it may have been because of the interference of Russia. 

The question at this point isn’t, “Did Russia meddle in the election?” Instead, it’s, “Who helped them, and how did they do it?” Robert Mueller was placed at the head of an investigation by the Department of Justice. 

The probe is looking into Russia’s meddling with the election and their connections to the Trump campaign and administration. Unfortunately for our President, it’s not looking good. 

There’s no way to avoid it; Robert Mueller’s investigation is getting closer and closer to Donald Trump. In the past 11 months since his appointment, Robert Mueller has charged 19 people and three companies with more than 100 charges, according to 

The New York Times. Robert Mueller is a former FBI director placed at the head of the investigation into Russian meddling in the election, as well as Donald Trump’s campaign collaborating with them. 

The Department of Justice chose him because of his long history of investigative experience, and he is respected on both sides of the aisle and known for his thorough and unbiased research practices, according to CNN. 

The investigation started in May of 2017, reported The New York Times, and has been slowly picking up more and more steam as Mueller and his team indicts 13 Russian diplomats for election meddling, as well as charging, arresting, and subpoenaing numerous people. 

On top of that, three companies have been charged in the case as well. President Trump recently announced the expulsion of 60 Russian Diplomats who are believed to be spies or have meddled with the 2016 Presidential Election. 

In response, Russia expelled 60 U.S. diplomats from their country and is closing the U.S. Consulate. 

There is a lot more going on between the United States and Russia, but even by just looking at these two events, it’s easy to say that things aren’t friendly between them. 

Moreover they’re getting worse and quickly, that is. Only time will tell how the Trump Administration plans to combat both Mueller’s investigation and Russia’s growing opposition. 

With each week passing by, it seems as if the United States is pushing further and further away from the rest of the world, and the air between it all is getting colder.

Taylor Beaven can be contacted at tbeaven@kscequinox.com

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