There was a personnel change recently in the Lloyd P. Young Student Center at Keene State College. Trinity Nay has become the new Coordinator of Evening Operations in the building. Nay also works as the Technology Coordinator for events in the student center.

Angelique Inchierca / Photo Editor

Angelique Inchierca / Photo Editor

Nay began this position after moving here from San Francisco at the end of January. Her positions in the student center require evening and weekend facility and event management, hiring, training, supporting the student technology crew members and the operation and maintenance of audiovisual equipment. 

Nay said, “My primary focus is making sure that all of our events go off without a hitch. I’m here not only to sort of support the student staff, but also to support any visitors that are coming in as well.”

As for why Nay was chosen for this position, as opposed to other applicants, Director of Campus Life at KSC Jennifer  Ferrell, said, “I needed to fill this position with someone who could hit the ground running and jump into a variety of situations and manage differing expectations… I knew that she would be able to transition into the technical portions of the role quickly, which is challenging during the middle of the academic year.”

Nay will also eventually be taking over Ferrell’s role of supervising building managers in the student center. “I’m currently asking Trinity to focus on tech needs, and we’ll transition supervision of building managers from my oversight to her after this semester,” Ferrell said. 

KSC junior and communications major Derek Hall works alongside Nay on the tech crew. He said Nay has been helpful in making operations in the student center run more practically and efficiently. “She’s very enthusiastic to figure out all of these issues. She comes from more of a studio background, but she’s using that knowledge to help us revamp everything and figure out new ways and more efficient ways to run things, which is really great,” Hall said. 

Hall said that one of the main things Nay and the tech crew have been working on this semester is reworking and updating the technical setups in the student center, including redoing the tech setup of the Night Owl Café. 

An event that Nay has helped put on in the student center since her time in this role includes the college’s Admitted Students’ Day. Nay said that she had the opportunity to switch up the way the event has traditionally been put on. “They revamped the way they wanted to do it, and we actually got to do some lighting effects for it. Students got up and danced on the stage, and I think it got some of the incoming freshmen really excited,” Nay said. 

Nay said that juggling the needs of both her positions within the student center is not too complicated because “they so often are one in the same.” She also said that her favorite part of this job is “teaching students stuff they weren’t aware of before, sort of connecting the dots where maybe they know how to do it, but they don’t necessarily know why… filling in those blanks.”

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