Stigma surrounds our world today, appearing in all shapes and sizes.

One of the most common examples of this revolves around specific college majors.

For years, certain majors have carried disappointing labels, such as “hobby,” and are taken less seriously than other majors.

Liberal arts majors have been treated as less than other majors for years, and in this technological age, it’s quickly becoming an outdated opinion.

In the past, majors such as art, music, performing arts and others have been treated as a joke or as a hopeless career path in comparison to majors pertaining to things such as science or math.

This common misconception that creative career paths are impractical compared to aspirations such as medical field work or financial careers is an outmoded and unrealistic state of mind.

In our world today, the amount of technological advancements our society has made allows creative career paths to not only become a real possibility, but also much more common than in past years.

Jobs such as animation, creative web designers and video game designers are all jobs that have not been available in the past, but thanks to the technological advancements constantly being made in our society, these new creative careers are in high demand in our world today.

Technology allows artistic students to have much more freedom with their career of choice, as well as making it much easier for them to find work after college.

Despite this plethora of creative jobs available to liberal arts students, people still believe that artistic career paths are not the best choice.

The effects of this stereotype may seem to be small, but this stigma can actually deter students from pursuing their passions as a career.

Treating a person’s passion as a “hobby” can cause kids to drop their dreams and passions and move onto something more “realistic” and not “idealistic.”

Keene State College fully embraces the artistic side of education, and works hard to accommodate it’s programs for the students who choose to follow their imaginative passions.

KSC has dozens of artistic and creative majors allowing students to follow their passions directly while receiving an exceptional education in the process, preparing them for their careers.

Majors like film, art, theater, music and so many more that are available thoroughly educate our students on their field of choice, making artistic careers a realistic possibility.

Colleges such as KSC adapting their school to be more educational regarding their creative programs makes the stigma surrounding liberal arts irrelevant and obsolete.

Artistic students choosing any path other than their passion would be a disservice to society, as there are so many creative career paths that greatly benefit our world today that need students with creative abilities including fashion designers, filmmakers, animators and so many more.

Liberal arts majors excel in these areas and make the world a better place using their passions.

Careers that require creative abilities are increasing in commonality, and necessity, and the world needs students who have the ability to excel in those areas.

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