No two people are exactly alike, so it is only natural that not everyone will agree on everything. Whether it is a television series, music genre or pastime, people have varying opinions on what they do and do not enjoy.

Luke Sweeney / Equinox Staff

Luke Sweeney / Equinox Staff

That is just part of being human, everyone has likes and dislikes that are unique to them and their own thoughts.

It is expected that you will have disagreements with people throughout life, but you do not need to poke fun at someone over something that they enjoy.

A blogger by the name of Jessie Atkinson, the voice behind, said she is a “big champion” of hobby fluidity in her “We Need To Stop Hobby Shaming” article.

Atkinson defines hobby fluidity as, “A state of freedom to like whatever they are drawn to, unrestricted by the need to decide between one extreme or another.”

Hobby fluidity seems like an odd term at first, but once it is explained properly, it makes total sense. Of course people are allowed to express their opinions about the things that make them happy.

And of course people are going to disagree with them, but just because someone critiques your hobby or pass time does not mean that you cannot enjoy it anymore.

As long as no one is getting hurt, you should be able to partake in whatever activity brings you joy. Everybody has a “guilty pleasure,” but you should not have to feel guilty about it at all.

You should not be embarrassed to say that you enjoy a certain type of music, love a specific movie, or partake in a particular activity if it makes you happy.

Nor should you have to explain yourself for liking something.

Just because you perceive someone to act a certain way does not mean that he/ she has to live up to that stereotype that you created in your head.

If you surround yourself with people who are understanding of your likes and dislikes, you will find that life seems much easier when your thoughts are not constantly being critiqued or questioned.

Keene State College offers so many different outlets for students with all types of interests, whether they are academic organizations, club sports, special interest groups, Greek life, honor societies or media-based organizations.

There is something for everyone.

A complete list of all student involvement opportunities that are offered at KSC can be found on the official website by simply searching “student organizations.”

This search also gives you contact information for the club’s president, treasurer and advisor so you have someone to reach out to, in order to learn more about that organization if you are interested in.

If there is not already an organization established at Keene State College that is of particular interest to you, you can create your own organization.

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