The Student Support Network (SSN) is a training for Keene State College students to help their peers and friends when they are feeling down, having an increased amount of stress and initially a way to gain leadership skills to start a conversation with someone in a time of need. After the training, there aren’t really any meetings. However, SSN members are expected to be more confident about supporting others in a time of distress.

The SSN program is an amazing program because even if you have skills in supporting someone, you learn about how others would help someone in the same situation thus, getting new ideas in supporting a friend. It is a way to expand your skills in helping others. The program is 100 percent a safe zone area and confidential space to speak your mind. I love the program so far, because from the very first class I feel totally comfortable in telling personal stories and giving my own advice. With that, I met a great group of amazing people who are interested in making a change like myself!

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