Keene State College’s student-run newspaper The Equinox won an Online Pacemaker award on Sat., Oct. 28.

Sebastien Mehegan / Multimedia Director

Sebastien Mehegan / Multimedia Director

The Pacemaker is “often called the Pulitzer Prize of collegiate journalism,” according to Associated Collegiate Press’ (ACP) website.

Forty-three college online websites were nominated for the Online Pacemaker award, but 25 finalists were selected, including The Equinox.

Some of the finalists of the award included University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Michigan (U-M), University of Minnesota (UMN) and University of North Carolina (UNC).

Winners were announced at the ACP/College Media Association (CMA) National College Media Convention held in Dallas this past weekend.

According to Twitter, other winners include Savannah School of Arts and Design (SCAD) and Southern Illinois University (SIU).

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