For the rest of the calendar year, Keene State College (KSC) will not be allowing the startup of any new clubs on campus.

Keene State College offers many clubs and has always offered students the liberty of starting clubs and submitting proposals to the Constitution Committee to begin these student organizations.

However, it is now the case that there is a freeze on the implementation of new organizations due to an overflow of some organizations that could potentially not be active anymore, and there is currently no way to tell if a club is active or not.

Coordinator of Student Activities and Organizations Britany Gallagher said she feels that this freeze is the best way to get the current situation back under control.

“My goal is to make sure we are not duplicating efforts [organizations]. That resources; so money resources, space resources, time resources are being shared as equitably as possible and as long as we can avoid duplication, that’s what will be best for student body,”  Gallagher said.

When students want to start an organization, they are required to submit a proposal to Gallagher, as well as to KSC sophomore Kenadee Cadieux, constitution committee chair.

When asked for an interview, Cadieux directed the reporter to Britany Gallagher for all questions regarding this topic.

According to KSC’s Student Involvement website, it states that this will also allow us time to implement a new system for maintaining this information online with the goal of providing our student body the most accurate record of the student organizations available to them.

This also means that Student Assembly will not review any new and potential student organizations for official recognition at KSC.

As for any organization that submitted proposals prior to this new mandate, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis until the end of March.

The potential organizations that are submitting for review through the end of March have been granted recognition and will be placed on a probationary status consistent with Student Assembly’s recognition policy, according to the Student Involvement website.

Danielle Cobleigh, student body vice president, also directed all questions to Britany Gallagher when asked for comment.

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