Many different smells roamed the air at the Dining Commons (DC) on Thursday March 23 because the annual Local Day had arrived at Keene State College (KSC). The food varied from Asian beef wraps, Clam fritters and local pepperoni pizza to Ancho chicken lettuce bites. There were even gluten free dessert options.

The DC not only served KSC students, but also Keene residents.

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Keene State student sophomore Breanna Marks said Local Day didn’t live up to her expectations. “It’s overrated. Everyone thinks the food is going to be good and it turns out it’s not that good,” said Marks. But she said she did like one of the desserts, the maple chiffon spice cupcakes. “The frosting made it even more tasty,” she said.

A Keene residential family said otherwise. Katherine Williams said, “I love how they have so many options. It’s my first time here and me and my husband already love this.” She said her favorite was the baby back ribs. “They [baby back ribs] tasted amazing. It was better than anything else I had.

Her husband, Michael Williams, said he had to get seconds on the bacon cheeseburger. “I loved how I could add toppings to it. The sauce that was there made it even better. How could I not get seconds?” he said.

One of the Dining Commons employees, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “I saw my physical therapist and all of the workers. So many people from Keene came with their families.”

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

There were some students who said that they thought the choices that were offered weren’t “local.” Kelsi Massicotte, a junior at KSC, said, “I’m questioning on why they have Asian foods on local day. The burger and the ribs are the only thing that represent local foods. The Asian wraps or any of the other stuff do not represent what Local Day is.”

Gluten free eaters had options to pick from as well. There were clam fritters, Mexican posole, baby back ribs, ancho chicken lettuce bites and the deserts. They even had gluten free cupcakes.

Local day filled the DC this year with its numerous of food choices bringing the people in.

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