The easiest way to talk to someone about politics is to not talk about them at all.

Unfortunately, the 2016 election is still fresh in people’s minds, and politics seems to find it’s way into almost everybody’s conversation right now.

You can respectfully decline to comment if someone asks you about your views by saying something like, “I wish to keep my opinions to myself.”

You could also have a mature conversation about them.

Keep an open mind and educate yourself about both political parties and their philosophies.

The more you know, the better insight you can provide in conversation.

Stand behind what you believe in; you are your own person.

You make your own decisions and only you should have that kind of influence on yourself.

Don’t think a certain way because someone else told you to.

If someone has a different opinion than you, simply state that you respect their opinion, but you just don’t agree with it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it is okay to disagree with someone, even your parents.

Aside from politics, you probably disagree with a lot of things your parents believe in, so treat political views the same way.

If the conversation becomes heated, try bringing something else up, particularly something you know you and your parents can agree on, such how funny Joe Biden memes are.

Good Luck!


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