School is back in session and we all know what that means: eat, sleep and breathe academics. But some students aren’t as lucky as others when it comes to sleeping.

Sometimes, students need to stay up later than anticipated, and that may result in feeling restless;occasionally we may even skip class once in awhile.

College can be stressful. Between school work, part-time jobs, clubs and athletics, there isn’t a lot of time to sleep.

Not only does lack of sleep affect your health, but your grades too.

According to University of Georgia Student Affairs University Health Center, students who get six or less hours of sleep have a lower GPA than those who get eight or more. That is why naps are an essential part of every college student’s day.

Who doesn’t love napping anyways? The National Sleep Foundation said napping can enhance performance and restore alertness, providing the energy needed to get through the rest of the day.

Some students say napping is part of their daily routine.

Savannah Hobbs/ Equinox Staff

Savannah Hobbs/ Equinox Staff

First-year psychology major Sarah Hill said she loves five minute power naps.

“Naps are very important to me, I need one every day. All I need is five minutes and I feel so much better,” Hill said.

She said she loves napping in her bed, but she will nap anywhere. Hill said she has even power napped in the street.

First-year physical education major David Wiedenfeld naps almost every day for 45 minutes to an hour. “If I’m that busy, I won’t nap. If I have the time in the day, I’ll set alarms and see if I can grab 30 or more minutes sleeping,” Wiedenfeld said.

There are so many different napping spots on campus such as the library, the DC, Mountain View Room and Science Center.

First year biology major, Kylie Pettingill, has even napped in Dominos before. Pettingill said her perfect nap is just under two hours.

KSC first-year Olivia Foley is one of the lucky students who is able to fit in two naps per day. The craziest place she’s napped has been on someone’s yard.

“When I don’t nap, I feel frustrated and very emotional,” Foley said.

Although she has found many spots for napping, Foley said her favorite place to nap is her bed.

Balancing work and athletics can be difficult, and Foley admits she sometimes naps to procrastinate.

“The perfect nap is between 45 minutes and and hour and 20 minutes,” Foley said, “but I nap more at home than at school.”

As for a place to nap on campus when she can’t make it to her bed, Foley said the common room in her dorm is a go-to spot.

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