KSC Student struck by vehicle

UPDATE: 5: 35 p.m.

Keene State College senior and women’s rugby player Abbie Sweatt was hit by an oncoming vehicle while crossing Main Street April 20, 2016 according to an email from Vice President of Student Affairs Kemal Atkins.

Sweatt was transported by ambulance to Cheshire Medical Hospital where she is in stable condition and being treated for her injuries. The college has, “contacted her family, and are staying in close touch with them,” Atkins stated.

Keene Police Department Officer  James Cemorellis said earlier today that the student seemed to have “serious injuries” after being struck by the vehicle and thrown approximately 40 feet away from the crosswalk across from Appian Way.

Cemorellis said he does not have the names of the student nor the driver.  Cemorellis said the call came in around 2:10 p.m. and emergency vehicles and officers immediately headed to the scene.

KSC junior Aubrey Paul heard the accident and ran to the scene.”The window on the car was completely shattered,” Paul stated. Paul said it was a “little old woman driving” and that the student was hit so hard,“her shoe was still in the middle of the road” after she had been transported away from the scene.

“I still can’t believe it happened,” Paul stated.

KPD Lieutenant Shane Maxfield said he encourages students to look both ways while crossing the street. “I’m not saying this girl didn’t [look both ways], but as a general cautionary note, if you’re using the crosswalks look both ways,” Maxfield said. He also encourages drivers to be cautious of their surroundings in areas with crosswalks. “Slow down and pay attention,”Maxfield said.

Atkins stated ,” We understand this is difficult for many of our students. Students who witnessed the accident, and otherwise need support in response to this incident, are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center for help.”

For students who would like to contact the Couseling Center, appointments with a counselor will be available on a drop-in basis between 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Or students can contact the crisis hotline available after business hours and on weekends by calling  (603) 358-2436.

The Equinox will continue to provide updates as information is released.

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