On Friday, April 15, the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery opened its doors to the Emerging Art exhibit, which showcases works from BA and BFA students on the Keene State College campus.

Ranging from a giant cloth and metal rainbow rocket ship standing directly left of the entrance to a fake room constructed in the gallery as a large interactive piece, the range and ability  the art department has to offer are  on display.

Senior Joseph Geis, who attended the opening, said he was shocked by how much was inside the gallery.

He said, “I don’t go in here all too often, but I have friends whose art is being shown so I figured I’d come by…As soon as I entered I was in shock by the magnitude of it all.”

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

Olivia Schiaffo, senior at Keene State and a curator at the art gallery, said, “I’m so happy with how everything came out. It looks great in there and I’m so glad it all fit.”

Junior Aedan Lake, who’s getting her BFA next year, said that her professor approached her not too long before the gallery opened to enter her piece. She said she was glad to be in the performance and the gallery, and wishes the school could do more.

Lake said, “I really wish that there was more funding from the college to do showings like this around campus…We’d be able to rent spaces and do pop-up galleries…[basically] to put art where there isn’t anything already.”

The gallery unfolds into four separate spaces where 13 students could showcase their works, some contributing multiple and others contributing one to the showing.

Siobhán Roche, senior BFA student who did the branding and press for the gallery, had giant wavelike ribbons hanging from the ceiling in a multi-colored serpentine pattern.

Lake, whose piece was a mixed media piece on cloth with cross stitching, said, “I never really knew I wanted to do art until coming to college…but since I’ve found it, it’s become my passion.”

Though she said she doesn’t have a preferred medium, she explained, “I really like to dip my toes into everything, and the department here really gives us the support and freedom to experiment like that.”

Lake said that some of this art is students’ final works, and others are pieces the BFA and BA students were asked to display. Every piece has an artist’s description to let the viewer in on what the creative process was.

The Emerging Art exhibit will close its doors on May 7, the day of the senior class commencement, so students will be able to see the exhibit before summer rolls around.

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