The graphic design majors of Keene State College have worked tirelessly for the past four years in order to showcase their work for friends, family, professors and future employers. Graphic design seniors put their portfolios on display Friday, April 15, in the Media Arts Center, giving everyone a chance to see their hard work as part of the 2016 Portfolio Graphic Design Exhibition.

Senior graphic design major Bella Robinson said she was “so excited” to be showcasing her work.

“We’ve been working on our portfolios for so long,” Robinson said. “It’s all about trial and errors, but, in the end, it’s finally time to let go and show off what we’ve been doing for so long.”

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

As graphic design majors, Robinson said that everyone in her portfolio course didn’t sleep for nearly four days in order to complete their work.

“We’re all exhausted, but the work is worth it. None of us would be here if that weren’t the case. I’m just really proud of myself and the entire program right now,” Robinson said.

Elaborating on the student’s hard work, Robinson said, “We all have a different process, but it all leads us to a final product.”

Senior graphic design major Kendall Vocca agreed. She said, “The process is part of being an artist.”

She continued, “When I’m working on a piece, I just start with a concept and just keep going from there. You’ve got to be consistent, which is probably the hardest thing to do. For the portfolio, it was all about making everything I’ve done over the past four years look like it all goes together. That’s part of branding yourself and allowing the brand to be recognized by other people, and I think we all did a really great job of that today,” Vocca said.

Proud parent Maria Cerbone, mother of graphic design senior Julie Cerbone, said that she was “too excited” about the showcase.

“I’m so proud. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Julie’s work over the years, but to see it all come together like this is just beautiful,” Cerbone said. “This is very rewarding as a parent to see the final product.”

Robinson, however, said this portfolio showcase is not the end for KSC’s graphic designers.

“I think today is really just about knowing where we’re at and knowing how to make steps toward our futures as designers,” Robinson said. “It’s so visual and [the portfolio showcase] gives everyone a chance to see what we’ve really worked hard on, but there’s always room to grow and I think we’re all really excited about what the future will bring.”

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