Questioning our sense of entitlement

Take a stroll through campus and you will see one of two things.

You may see a regular college with various buildings, some benches, an overall mundane boring place.

Or you may see an institution booming with opportunity.

Endless clubs and internships are right at our fingertips, it’s simply up to us to take advantage of them.

Resources are bountiful, whether it be the wide variety of food at the dining commons, the activities put on by the social activities council, all the classroom help like tutors, the writing center or the athletic opportunities available, so much is at our disposal here on campus.

Yet there are still complaints that the school has little to offer.

George amaru / art director

George amaru / art director

Oftentimes we will overhear students in the dining commons complain that the options aren’t up to par.

The Equinox would like to encourage those students to really open their eyes and take a better look around them.

We occasionally hear people whine about their so-called “first world problems” almost making a mockery out of what real problems are to people in third world countries.

We can rightfully admit, many of us too are guilty of complaining when, in fact, we have it better than most.

Aside from the tacky new year resolutions, we would like to start off the new year and this spring semester with a shift in attitude.

Oftentimes we all get caught up feeling as though we are entitled.

We find it important to remind the student body that, in fact, none of us should feel that sense of entitlement. Be grateful that you have a bed to come home to at night, a roof over your head, shoes on your feet, a stomach full of food and of course an education.

Something as simple as running water is what we take advantage of nearly every day.

We need to remind ourselves that most of us were born into a world of privilege.

Of course some of us here at Keene State come from very different backgrounds.

Some of us were born in other parts of the world much different from Keene.

It is crucial that we keep in mind all of the luxuries that we have.

This is not to say that times don’t get tough for us over here in the United States, certainly the darker things in life like disease, depression and tragedy strike us all at some point in our lives.

It is natural to perhaps become annoyed when we can’t find our favorite meal at the DC or if we are unable to register for that one class we always thought seemed interesting, but we want to propose a new way of thinking.

When you encounter a dilemma or something just doesn’t seem to be going your way, take this as an opportunity to try something new or seek alternatives.

You may discover if you try that vegan meal that you can’t pronounce, you may be pleasantly surprised.

If your number one choice for classes is full, sign up for that acting class you’ve always considered in the back of your mind.

Next time you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, take deep breath, step back and put it into perspective.

Maybe your worst problems are what someone else in the world desires most.

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