The holiday season is in full swing! That means plenty of parties and endless opportunities to play dress up. You may be thinking “What am I going to wear?” That question seems more difficult to answer when you’ve got more than one party to attend. Worry no more. To help you dress appropriately for your night out, follow the three Ss: structured, sophisticated and statement.

No matter the celebration, family holiday party attire seems to differ greatly from the annual New Year’s Eve style.

Jake Coughlin / Administrative Executive Editor

Jake Coughlin / Administrative Executive Editor

Family parties call for more structured attire. Grandma may not approve of the most fashionable apparel and your aunt wants someone your little cousins can look up to. The type of apparel for family holiday parties can vary, but today’s “normal” calls for casual, more conservative wear for a family event. KSC sophomore Kyle Sawyer said he keeps it simple at family parties. “I usually wear a sweater to family parties and an ugly one, if that’s the theme,” Sawyer said. For men, family parties are usually the time to keep is casual. The Art of Manliness is a website dedicated to show men how to dress casually without looking like a slob.

“Custom suits and imported silk ties look great, but they’re not a lot of use to young men in their late teens and twenties,” the website stated. The Art of Manliness said the trick for men is diversifying: “taking the same casual level of dress that most young men wear, and adding new looks to it to stay sharp without looking stuffy.”

The website suggests that men take their basics – white t-shirts, blue jeans and hoodies, and swap them out with something nicer. For example, swap your blue jeans out for colored corduroys, earth tone cotton slacks or jeans in a darker color.

“Any party that I can wear jeans at is my type of party,” KSC sophomore Larry Kelley said.

Now replace your basic white T-shirt with a polo or lightweight long sleeve and you’re ready to go!

As for those sneakers, the website suggests replacing them with casual leather shoes, loafers or colored converse.

For the ladies, try to keep the outfit casual yet conservative. According to the Huffington Post Style, the sweater game is strong. A pair of black pants with a crème or white sweater is the perfect pick for a family outing. Short turtlenecks are also in season.

Tired of wearing pants? Try a long sleeve dress that hits at the knee. has broken down the best colors to wear for the winter of 2015.

Jake Coughlin / Administrative Executive Editor

Jake Coughlin / Administrative Executive Editor

KSC sophomore Sophia Freeman said she would dress more appropriate at a family party. “Because I come from a more religious family, they probably would not approve of me wearing something provocative,” Freeman said.

“Usually holiday parties are a chance for me to get dressed up so even if it’s a family party, I’m still getting creative with my outfits,” Freeman said.

“Winter colors are vibrant, dramatic and sophisticated,” the website stated. The website calls for blue-based colors with gold, black or platinum accents.

Winter is the only season when you can wear pure white or black, according to the website. Black or white are easy colors to coordinate with and portray a sophisticated style. New Year’s Eve is the night to step out of your comfort zone. Ringing in the New Year calls for glitter and vivid color. Glamour magazine encourages the ladies to experiment with textures and prints for a fun look. Try adding a pop of color with the little black dress by throwing on a pair of colored tights. According to Glamour magazine, the newest styling trick of matching your pants to your shoes is the secret to a leg-lengthening wardrobe.

Sparkles and sequins can never be wrong for a New Year’s Eve party. A sequin top paired with black jeans is sure to make a hit at the party, according to Glamour.

This year’s fashion also includes showing some skin. According to Glamour, edgy leather shorts paired with black tights for warmth is the perfect ball-dropping outfit.

“New Year’s is a chance to go all out, add some bling to my outfit,” Freeman said. She said she visits her friends at different colleges during the New Year’s Eve weekend. “I feel like a lot of girls wear tight dresses on New Year’s Eve, but the occasion is also a chance for girls who don’t usually dress up to show off their wardrobe,” Freeman said. For the men, Esquire magazine has a guide to starting the New Year with style. The magazine says it’s OK for men to wear jeans to a party. “Light washed jeans are always more casual looking than darker ones, so if you decide to go light with your denim, balance is out with a dark blazer or a collared shirt,” the magazine stated.

Kelley said he tries to look nice while ringing in the New Year. “Maybe a collared shirt or some nice shoes,” Kelley said.

New Year’s Eve is also the perfect time to break out the suits, guys. Esquire recommends “a suit that cuts a little closer, a little shorter and a whole lot sharper.”

Three-piece suits are also a fine choice of attire, according to the magazine. And, if you’re feeling a little risky, pair your dark blazer with a colored tie for that extra pop of festivity.

No matter the occasion, keeping it classy for the holidays is easy. Stay structured and sophisticated to make a statement, and enjoy the holidays!

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