On Friday, November 20, the class of 2016 Student Government hosted the annual Red and White Night when seniors and their guests dressed to impress in Keene State College colors for a semi-formal dance event.

Red and White Night took place in the Zorn Dining Commons.

The DC was transformed from popular lunch spot to a venue that included a cash bar, a DJ and complimentary food. According to senior and Student Government member Mason Prata, an estimated 350 students attended the event.

Junior Karisa Spanos added, “I was really shocked at how many people actually went, I was not expecting that. I think everyone had a good time and I feel like everyone likes to get dressed up once in  a while,” Spanos said.

Heather O’Brien/ Equinox Staff

Heather O’Brien/ Equinox Staff

KSC alumna Trisha Gunning, said that she was happy to have finally attended Red and White Night since she never did her senior year.

“I had a really good time at Red and White Night. I never went to my senior red and white dance because most of my friends were younger, so I was happy that I got to go and enjoy the dance with my friends for their senior formal,” Gunning said.

She continued, “I thought Red and White Night was really well planned. There was so much food and the music was great. I think that these types of events are important to have for every senior class because it gives everyone a reason to get dressed up and have fun together before graduation.”

First time attendee of Red and White night, senior Gabriella Pace said that she had a good time at the event because she was able to be there with her friends. However, Pace added that she is not 21 years old yet so she did not like that she ended up being alone when all her friends went upstairs to the cash bar.

“I thought Red and White Night was nicely put on although I did not think it was too much fun. There are so many people you don’t know in the senior class, which makes it awkward on the dance floor,” Pace said.

Accompanying Pace to the dance was junior Karisa Spanos, who also said that the only flaw about Red and White Night was that the bar area was upstairs.

“I thought the event was really fun and not what I expected. The music and food were really good. However, the only thing I didn’t like was that the bar was upstairs. I am twenty-one and my roommate (Pace) isn’t of age yet so I felt really bad leaving her to get a drink, especially because she was the one who brought me,” Spanos said. Despite not knowing a majority of the senior class, Pace said that she thought it was nice to get dressed up with her friends and have the memory together.

Senior Matthew Pereira said that although he had been to the event before, it was really bittersweet attending Red and White Night this year since it was his senior formal. “I worked the event last year and I thought our class really stepped up their game with dressing up. Last year I felt that they did not try as hard as we did. All the guys cleaned up very nicely, and all the girls looked really elegant and showed they put in an effort,” Pereira said.

Pereira added that he thought Red and White Night was alright. “I am not really into the whole Cinderella goes to the ball type event. I also felt left out as someone who attended the dance without a date,” Pereira said.

“Next year I think there shouldn’t be a focus on this being a couples dance. It should be focused on having the entire senior class coming together for a formal event. I just personally think the fact that they advertise it to make it a couples thing makes it so other students feel left out,” Pereira said.

He continued, “It makes the night more about having a boyfriend or girlfriend instead of the real meaning of the dance, which is for all the seniors to get together as a class.”

Despite the large emphasis on bringing a date, Pereira said that he thought this was a good way to bring the senior class together.

“Although it was sort of a couple’s night, it was cool to see all of my classmates dressed up. I think it was a chance for everyone to see each other outside of a classroom or casual setting and gives us a chance to see each other when we try and look our best,” Pereira said.

Senior and second time attendee of Red and White Night, Jillian Marlowe, added that she thought the event was a nice change in scenery and something that she looked forward to attending.

“I was pleasantly surprised with how our class took the dress code seriously and spent the time to incorporate school colors in the attire. I also loved seeing new faces and bumping into old friends that I do not normally see on a daily basis,” Marlowe said.

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