Balancing the budget can be tough in college. As the summer escapes and winter quickly approaches, it’s time to trade the crop tops in for warm jackets and big scarves. But how does a college student afford to be trendy?

Fashion show season has just begun and the top models have strutted down the runway to display the newest trends for fall 2015.

Every season Vogue magazine releases a column dedicated to the top 15 trends for men and women based on the latest fashion shows. This year high-end designers looked to leather and faux fur for their fall fashion trends.

According to Vogue, some of the 2015 fall trends for men are leather pants, the color burgundy and long scarves. But don’t grab your wallet just yet! These runway trends hold a hefty price tag.

A pair of leather, black skinny jeans can be bought for $990 at Saint Laurent, according to the website.

What about that burgundy color? Alexander McQueen sells velvet, burgundy blazers for $2,875, according to the website. In order for a man to stay warm with a wool knit long scarf from Gucci he’d have to pay $335, the website stated.

KSC sophomore Matt Blandy said he is “completely surprised” by the price of high-end materials. “There’s no way I’d pay that much money for a blazer,” Blandy said. “I’m not a leather pant kind of guy, but I could rock a scarf.” He said that he would not buy a scarf for more than $15.

Luckily students don’t have to break the bank to afford the top runway trends. According to its website, a pair of men’s leather pants can be purchased at Macy’s for $39.99. Forever 21 sells faux suede burgundy jacket on their website for $44.90.

“Any jacket under fifty dollars is my kind of jacket,” KSC sophomore Jackson Hagge said. He said it doesn’t bother him that his clothes aren’t high-end. “If I only dressed in high-end clothes I’d have to drop out of college in order to afford it,” Hagge said.

Vogue’s top fall fashion trends for women include body length coats, a statement white blouse and faux fur.

Statement white blouses are projected to be worn under simple jackets or blazers and create a chic, casual look according to

Armani sells its own version of a statement white blouse for $495.

Faux fur can be expensive. In fact, a patchwork fur jacket from Tom Ford can be purchased online for $18,900.

“Anyone that spends that kind of money on a coat needs to get their priorities straight,” KSC sophomore Abby Shea said. She said she believes there is so much good that can be done in the world with that kind of money.

A faux fur coat can be purchased at Kohl’s for $132, only a fraction of the cost of Tom Ford. As for a statement white blouse, L.L Bean sells its version for $44.95.

KSC first-year student Olivia Thom said she usually shops at Nordstrom and Garage for her wardrobe. “I usually buy shoes at L.L Bean, but I would shop for clothes there [as well],” Thom said.

Students at KSC don’t have to catch the latest runway show to stay on top of hot trends. Android and iPhone apps are available to download to help keep up with what’s new.

Poshmark is an app designed much like Instagram. Users, men and women, can post pictures of new or lightly used clothing/accessories that they are selling. By typing in your city, the app finds sellers in your area.

Mod Man is an app designed to help men organize their virtual closets.

Users are able to shop online within the app based on the brands they are interested in. The app also helps to mix and match outfit ideas.

Stitch Fix is a personalized styling service that is free in the app store. Users take a simple style quiz and the app picks out five pieces of clothing tailored to their specific tastes. Those pieces of clothing are sent to the user’s home. Stitch Fix users can try on the clothing and keep what they want for a fee. Anything unwanted is sent back to the company free of charge.

Students don’t have to break the bank to stay warm this season. Keeping your eyes peeled for those lower prices can help you stay trendy from the runway to Appian way.

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