Students don’t know their coffee as well as they think

Many people start off their days by drinking a cup of coffee, but how often do you really think about what goes into that cup?

The Equinox decided to put it to the test. We got three different coffees from three different stores and asked people what they thought. Their answers might surprise you.

We labeled the three coffees, coffee A, B and C.

A: Cumberland Farms

Jake Coughlin/ Administrative Executive Editor

Jake Coughlin/ Administrative Executive Editor

B: Dunkin Donuts

C: Brewbakers

People were asked to blindly taste each coffee and rate them from best to worst. According to our data, the majority of the people prefered the local gas station coffee over the name brand Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Senior at KSC Cody Fitzgerald thought coffee A was the best. When asked, he said his go-to coffee place is Dunkin Donuts and when he heard what his choice was he said he was surprised.

“I didn’t picture Cumbies having good coffee,” Fitzgerald said, “I might have to switch up my coffee spot now.”

Before tasting each coffee, we asked where each student usually purchased their coffee.

Aside from the few who brewed their coffee at home or drank it from the Dining Commons, the majority of people drank Dunkin Donuts or Brewbakers coffee.

However, our results show Dunkin Donuts to be the least favorite of all the coffees tested.

First-year student Rachel Kaplan said Dunkin Donuts coffee was tangy and sour, which is why she liked it the least. She prefered Brewbakers because it had more of a bitter taste.

Sophomore at KSC, William Surprenant, agreed that Dunkin Donuts was his least favorite coffee and said it was boring because it had no taste at all.

According to, coffee is a 20 billion dollar industry. states that “Coffee is more than popular: it’s ubiquitous. No other beverage is as revered or respected. It can be seen in offices, during commutes and on kitchen counter tops worldwide.”

Communications and marketing professor at KSC Robert C. Schaumann said that name brand has a huge effect on the types of coffee people drink. “Marketing allows you to be seen in the stage of life as you wish to be seen. If I walk around drinking starbucks it makes me seem more [higher-up] whereas dunkin donuts would be seen as more of a blue collar, average joe coffee,” Schaumann said.

Smith agreed. “I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I would definitely say people choose name brand over everything else,” Smith said

Surprenant said more people are likely to go to Dunkin Donuts over anywhere else because it is the most popular.

Not only is Dunkin Donuts the least favored by those who took the test, but it is also the most expensive.

Costing $2.02 for a small cup of coffee, Dunkin Donuts profits off it’s name, whereas Cumberland Farms charges $1.08 for any size cup of coffee. Brewbakers is close, costing $1.55 for a small coffee.

Just like many other things in today’s society, people are buying coffee not for the taste, but for the name.

According to, they sell 1.7 billion cups of hot and iced coffee globally every year.

On average, they sell more than 30 cups of coffee every second.

The need for coffee has grown over the years, turning into a global phenomenon.

Kaplan said she has been drinking coffee since she was ten years old. She said she averages at least two to three cups of coffee a day.

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