Keene police department cracks down

Police presence on campus increases in hopes of improving relationship with the community

The Keene Police Department is switching up its tactics to increase the safety of Keene State College students. KPD is cracking down on college partying by expanding their security  both on and off campus.

College Liaison Officer Kyle Macie confirmed that KPD has upped the ante when it comes to patrolling at KSC.

“We’re looking for an early understanding that we’re not going to have chaos,” Macie said. He said KPD is looking for more order during the school year to control parties and the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Macie could not express enough how important it is to KPD that officers create positive contacts on and off campus.

“[Officers] want to be able to walk around and be friendly with students,” Macie said.

Macie explained that KPD is looking to engage with students in a positive way to decrease any fear they may have.

“We’re not just here to arrest you,” Macie said regarding officers on duty, “We’re here to keep you safe.”

Ali Tolan, first-year student at KSC, witnessed the rise in the number of police officers on campus.

“I saw a cop every five minutes,” Tolan said.

Although she hasn’t had a conversation with a KPD officer, Tolan said she is skeptical about the increasing numbers of officers on campus.

“From a student’s perspective it doesn’t seem like it’s for safety,” Tolan said the amount of officers seems “too harsh.”

By heading out of the station earlier than usual, Macie said KPD officers have a longer time

George Amaru / Art Director

George Amaru / Art Director

span to interact with students before the night begins. According to Macie, officers usually increase patrol at KSC on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights but are trying to be present around students every day of the week.

“By going out earlier, we have a better chance of reaching out to students,” Macie said. He said it is important to have face-to-face interaction so students can see the effort officers are putting in.

“We want students to know they don’t have to be afraid of us,” Macie said.

KSC sophomore and student athlete Amber Curran said KPD’s new tactics are a good way to interact with students.

“After the Pumpkin Fest riots, the officer-student relationship hasn’t been the same,” Curran said.

Curran said she believes students should accept this new approach.

“It’s already in effect,” Curran said. She continued, “there’s no point in pretending [the officers] aren’t there.”

Macie said he believes students are reacting well to the changes.

“It’s still early,” Macie said. He continues, “We really want to work together to help keep the students safe.”

As for advice to KSC students, Macie said he encourages all students to drink responsibly, know where they’re going, stay with friends and call for help when it is needed.

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