Men’s soccer coach holds high standards

Once an Owl, always an Owl.  Keene State alumni Rick Scott is now coaching the team he once played for forty years ago.

The new head coach for men’s soccer is proud to lead the team he once suited up for.

“It feels good,” Scott said. “When you’re part of the Keene State Soccer family, you’re there forever.” Coach Scott joined the coaching staff as an assistant twenty-two years ago, and he is very excited to be taking over the program.

Any concerns the players have because of Scott’s new title can quickly be put to rest. Senior captain Patrick Anthony commented on the matter, “I think it was an easy adjustment because Rick has been with Keene State Soccer for so many years before he was even named head coach,” Anthony said.

Scott has become comfortable with his new team after years on the staff, so players already feel a connection and do not see it as much of a change

Scott is not the only one who is pleased with his new job as head coach.

“I am thrilled Rick is our new head coach.  He is a great coach and he is going to make a huge positive impact for Keene State Soccer; this year and many years to come,” Anthony said.

Scott’s coaching has already made an impact on the team, which played well in the Keene State Classic this past weekend.  In the team’s opening tournament the Owls defeated Lasell College 3-1, but fell short against Brandeis 2-1.

Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor

Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor

There have been some changes since Scott’s tenure began and by all accounts, Scott is a strict, no-nonsense coach who demands a lot from his players both on and off the field.  The new head coach expressed the urgency of off-season workouts to his players.

“I wanted more of a commitment from these guys.  I wanted more of a commitment from them in the offseason, the spring season.  I wanted their commitment to strength training, to cardio, to staying fit, to getting stronger and we got that from the guys,” Scott said.

Senior captain Kaleb Lique-Naitove, commented on the increased load on the players, “He’s holding us to higher standards personally…He’s putting more responsibility on us to own up to our actions and be committed to the program.”

The team is hoping that their hard work will pay off and has big expectations for this season. “

We set a goal, we want to win the Little East Championship,” Scott said.

In order to be a top-team in the conference, they will have to play against Eastern Connecticut, a team that has been very competitive the last three years.

Scott says that as time goes on, they will be able to play better together and that his team is more than capable of making a run at the title. Hopefully ending the season with their first championship since 2010 and a ticket to the NCAA tournament.

”We feel we are ready to battle for that,” Scott said.

Only time will tell, but the Owls are as confident as ever.


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