Jerry Remy has become a special part of Red Sox Nation over his past 26 years as a color commentator.

His voice has become a familiarity for Red Sox fans and his return to the Red Sox family is an exciting but also controversial one.

Remy returned to the NESN network for preseason after his son, Jared Remy, was charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child back in August. Many are questioning if Remy’s return will be an unwanted distraction for the Red Sox community and fans.

Spectators are questioning if what his family represents as a result of his son’s actions is the right representation for the Red Sox.

I believe Remy should be allowed to continue to do what he loves despite his son’s violent actions.

If anyone is to blame for the downward spiral of Jared Remy which allegedly led to the tragic death of Jennifer Martel, it is the judicial system and Jared Remy himself.

Most of the cases when Jared was arrested included physical and verbal abuse of women, as stated by The Boston Globe’s Eric Moskowitz.

Jared saw little jail time over the years, and the judges often settled on softer punishments such as probation, bail, or promises to stay out of trouble or attend regular counseling.

It is clear that Jared Remy received special treatment in the courts, but Jerry Remy should not be at fault for this.

Yes, Jerry is in the spotlight and well known in the athletic community, but this should not allow Jared to continue to inflict violence on anyone.

In an interview on WEEI radio, Jerry said, “Did we enable him? Yes, we paid for lawyers, we paid for a psychiatrist, we paid for the help that we thought he needed. I think a lot of families would have done the same thing. Others would not have. Others would have thrown him out into the street, but that just wasn’t our way. When you look back on it, was it the right thing to do? I don’t have an answer to that.”

Many believe Remy should be “benched” from his job because of his son’s actions and his own actions of enabling his son, but what Remy represents for the Red Sox is far beyond the actions of his son.

Remy has been a part of the Red Sox community for much longer than his 26 years as a NESN color commentator.

According to, Remy was a “fan favorite” and former second baseman for the Boston Red Sox for seven years starting in 1978. He was even selected for the American League All-Star Team the same year.

When he retired in 1986, neither his success or his connection to the Red Sox ended. In 1988, Remy began his career as a color analyst for the Red Sox on NESN.

In 2004, he was voted Massachusetts’ Favorite TV Announcer by Sports Illustrated and Massachusetts’ Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. Two years later, in 2006, Remy was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

He won four Emmy Awards and is now the President of Red Sox Nation. Dianne Williamson, editorial writer for of Worcester, MA, asked the question, “Is [Jerry Remy’s] presence in the broadcasting booth a distraction the Red Sox and their fans neither need nor deserve?”

I believe the Red Sox fans as well as the players believe in the community of the team.

Jerry Remy has been an active part of the Red Sox community for 36 years now, and he has shown that he wants to continue to be a member of this family.

I don’t think that is something the fans want to throw away. Remy should not be held accountable for the actions of his family member.

Remy spoke about the reaction from the fans during preseason on WEEI radio when he said, “The majority of [people at Fort Myers] were wishing me well, thinking about me and all that stuff so that made me feel good. I understand the other side. I certainly get it….I just feel that I have to go on with my life in some form and this is what I still enjoy doing…I feel like I have a right to make a living and go on and do my job.”

Remy’s commitment to the Red Sox and his career as a color commentator seem to have become forgotten in the media coverage of his son’s violent past and recent alleged actions.

The Boston community is one that sticks together — that has been proven throughout the years. I don’t think it will be any different with Jerry Remy.

He has been an active part of the Red Sox community since he joined and it doesn’t seem like he will be leaving anytime soon.


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