The Princess series by Jim C. Hines may sound girly, but it is far from it. These books are a mixture of Brothers Grimm and Charlie’s Angels.

Danielle Whiteshore “Cinderella,” Talia “Sleeping Beauty,” and “Snow White” are three powerful warriors who destroy all kinds of evil threats.

The books bring out their own twists on classic fairy tales while keeping a lot of the old material itself. The dialogue is witty and each woman has her own personality.

Everyone who reads these books will pick favorites, I guarantee it.

Each book deals with a different fairy tale.

The first one is about the three princesses battling “Cinderella’s” stepsisters and an even darker force.

The second is the “Little Mermaid,” and she is nothing like the sweet and innocent Ariel from the Disney films.

The third is about “Little Red Riding Hood,” who is a cold-blooded assassin.

Lastly,  the fourth is “Snow,” who is possessed and becomes the vicious “Snow Queen.”

All four books are enchanting. Since I have only read the first one, I’ll give you some background.

After Danielle is nearly killed by her stepsister, Charlotte, her husband is kidnapped.

Queen Beatrice, Danielle’s mother-in-law, has Snow and Talia (her right-hand girls) find Danielle search for her husband, Armond in Fairy Town.

In the town, all the fairies dwell and they are like the fairies of legend­- not the watered down sugary creatures from kid’s shows.

Talia is a powerful warrior while Snow is a powerful sorceress. Danielle learns how to fight and be her own person.

However, the three girls have even bigger problems and an even darker scheme is afoot.

I fell in love with the first book and I am now on the second. It is a great work of entertaining fiction that anyone who likes fantasy and adventure can enjoy.


The Good: 

Very good description.

Each character has their own personality and is not in a standard archetype. The villains are truly wicked and all the minor characters are as enjoyable as the main characters.


The Bad:

I would have liked some more action scenes because they were very well written. It’s really not a judgment, there is plenty of action, but I’m greedy that way.



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