The lost golden rule

The Equinox agrees with the familiar mantra, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

That being said, some young people, both Keene State College’s own students as well as visitors, did not follow this “golden rule” throughout the Pumpkin Fest weekend.

Injuries reported from parties on Friday and Saturday are shocking.   We heard about stories of glass bottles being thrown through crowds of hundreds gathered in backyards that resulted in injury to some, according to witnesses.

We consider these actions to be violent and certainly unnecessary.

We do not condone the disrespect that was shown to both the college and the Keene community. Some were badly hurt and injured and their Pumpkin Fest was tainted because of the actions of others.

As intoxication increased, the “golden rule” deteriorated  until it hit the ground that was littered with the empty bottles and cans.

We believe that the majority of KSC students understand how to party responsibly and respectfully. However, we are embarrassed for those who chose to behave inappropriately at these parties.

We do acknowledge the possibility that there may be one person in the crowd who takes things too far and thus depletes what could have been a perfectly safe party atmosphere.

We are not turning a blind eye to the fact that Pumpkin Fest every year brings in large crowds ready to party. It is a trend that we believe is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is how students and guests behave and acknowledge their surroundings that needs to be addressed.

Although we do not solely blame outsiders for the wild actions at these parties, we understand the hype and expectations that guests come to Pumpkin Fest with.

However, the KSC community is left poorly represented and some students are then embarrassed to attend KSC.

The Keene Police Department cooperated with KSC students throwing Pumpkin Fest parties and vice versa.

However, Alyssa Dandrea of the Keene Sentinel reported that officers patrolled Winchester Court at approximately 4:30 p.m. when some individuals threw empty cans and bottles towards police.

It is disappointing that some resort to ignorant, violent and erratic behavior in the midst of the party scene.

We cannot pinpoint whether it is intoxication or the mere disregard for others that causes people to act this way.

Nonetheless, this behavior should not happen again.

We have seen KSC party responsibly in the past. We firmly believe the KSC community can continue to do so.

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