KSC is becoming ‘summertime fine’

Morgan Markley

Senior Reporter


During the fall and winter seasons anyone could tell you what Keene State College women students wear. They will tell you, Uggs, North Face black fleece, yoga pants or leggings and sometimes even a Victoria’s Secret Pink sweatshirt. These items of clothing are the unofficial dress code for the women at KSC. When the spring semester rolls around the popular items of clothing change.

Around the KSC campus in the spring two items of footwear make appearances. The first shoe is the Rainbow flip flop. These leather flip flops have become the staple for many students in their daily outfits. The sandals come in many different colors ranging from pink to black. Rainbows have become popular due to their longevity and how comfortable they are. The KSC campus is picking up on this trend fast, despite the hefty price tag– about $45 a pair

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The next shoe that is repeatedly on multiple KSC students’ feet is Sperry’s. There are many different styles of Sperry’s that stray away from the original design of the boat shoe, which means that the shoe now appeals to a larger group. In class the other day, I counted five students wearing Sperry’s and it’s not surprising.

According to CollegeFashion.net, “There are a handful of products that have struck a chord among the college crowd and formed somewhat of a cult following with people our age. A few weeks ago, I covered North Face jackets, and this week I decided to take on something you probably have sitting in your closet as well — Sperry’s boat shoes.”

The cool part about Sperry’s is that they go with basically anything. I have seen Sperry’s worn with yoga pants and also with dresses. They are truly a spring Appian Way staple. When the temperature rises the women of KSC ditch the long yoga pants and instead opt for cropped versions instead. Many students also have made the full plunge into the summer weather by wearing sundresses. When the temperature is over 50 degrees any sort of summer wear is fair game for KSC students. Floral-patterned sundresses paired with cardigans are a favorite this year. Making the commitment to wearing sundresses may be hard for some, so many KSC students pair their dresses with boots.

Whether these boots are cowgirl style or equestrian, one thing for sure, according to the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, we may be doing it wrong in the fashion department, “Don’t wear Uggs. As we’ve all been told time and time again, these shouldn’t be worn at any time. But if you insist on owning a pair, at least have the decency not to commit the most heinous crime in college fashion: Uggs and shorts. Wearing these in combination reveals that you are not only confused and unable to read a weather report, but you are still wearing a pair of Uggs, universally recognized as the ugliest, most laughable brand of boots ever made.” Ouch.

Another fashion statement that many people are sporting this spring are colored pants. Colors can range from yellow, green, blue and pink. These colored pants are a plus for KSC students because it’s a good way to stay warm while still looking like spring has sprung, especially when Keene decides to be 30 degrees in April. According to the Huffington Post, “Even for we who aren’t royalty, colored jeans will instantly boost any outfit, whether you dress them up or down. And they’re not just meant for women — men can pull off the look too. So celebrate the start of spring with these divine dyed denim finds.” Also, white pants and jeans are now a go.

At KSC, it is if one person wears a type of clothing, the rest of the campus catches on and it spreads like wildfire. The spring fashion choices may not be as recognizable as the North Face and Uggs style, but it’s definitely there.


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