Keene State College and Pumpkin Fest

Dear Editor Cyr,

I am writing in response to the article “Don’t lose your head at Pumpkin Fest”.  Since coming to Keene in 2005, I have enjoyed Pumpkin Fest. It has been an opportunity for me to greet students during Pumpkin Lobotomy on the quad and contribute to some of the fund raisers.

I have met a number of alumni who have enjoyed returning for this event as well. College administrators have already been working with the Student Assembly students on and off campus to provide advice about alcohol and safety.

While I agree with the message to students in the article of limiting alcohol use and the number of invited friends, I am concerned that the article suggests that it is the sole responsibility of Keene State College students and their friends alone to assure the safety of this event.

By omission, it leaves out the fact that a number of other 18 to 25 year-olds come from other parts of the city, region, and other colleges and universities simply looking to have a good time.  Many of these visitors end up at the doors of Keene students.

Last year, I questioned those who suggested the “18 to 25 year olds” were all Keene State students and their guests.  I also questioned that our students alone were responsible for all of the mischief and bad behavior.  I do not wish that perception to go unchallenged now.  However, as students, they are accountable for not making that false perception a reality.

In conclusion, I wish Ms. Ruth Sterling and her organization, which includes some Keene State students and former staff, well as they coordinate this great event, Pumpkin Fest. It is my expectation that Keene State students will have fun and behave appropriately.


Best wishes on a great Pumpkin Lobotomy.


Helen F. Giles-Gee


Keene State College

Keene, NH 03435-1504



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