Housing selection gets technological update

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This year, March 6 marked the date Keene State College students went through the housing selection process. This is one of the aspects of student life being greatly affected by the way the college is taking advantage of new technology.

Scott Rodenhauser, an RA in Holloway, said this was his first time helping out with the housing selection.  “What we have here is a screen of the Res-Life website which is refreshed constantly.  This gives students an idea of how much time is left in their group, and what dorms are available,” Rodenhauser said. “If a student is a no-show or cannot make a decision within their time limit, they are wait-listed.”

Housing updates were also posted on the school’s Twitter page, a system started last year.

While some students thought the use of technology was beneficial, others disagreed. “This process should definitely be online.  It would be a lot more efficient; it really needs to be updated,” Shane Gilman, an incoming senior said.

This year, the housing selection proved a first in several other areas too.

2011 is the first year gender inclusive housing is available, meaning that a male and female student could live together on campus. “I’m proud to be one half of the first gender inclusive room,” Jared Brown, incoming sophomore said. Brown and Brytani Randlett will be the first gender inclusive roommates.

As with years in the past, not every student got their first choice of housing, and some students ended up on the wait list hoping that a spot opens up for them. “We came into this knowing that we could not give everyone what they wanted.  It’s a cruel reality, but students knew this year that a number of them would not get housing,” Drake-Deese said.


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