The graduating class of 2024 reminisced on their past three years at Keene State College at the annual Red and White Night on Friday, Nov. 10, 2023. 

Similar to a prom, seniors were able to catch up with friends, dance, take photos and enjoy food and drinks. At 8:30 p.m, the Zorn Dining Commons filled with seniors wearing the Keene State College colors of red, white and black. 

The night was organized by the Keene State College Student Government where they worked hard to ensure the night was a success. 

Emma Wheeler, president of the class of 2024 and a double major in women and gender studies and elementary education, shared what it was like to organize the event. “We started in the summer, met with dining, picked a date and the ball just went rolling from there,” Wheeler said. “It was a lot of coordination, with a lot of different people on campus.” 

In order for this night to be a success, it was important for the e-board to volunteer themselves onto different committees, including the decoration committee and the dining committee. Wheeler said each person “worked tirelessly working, but it was so good.” 

With many seniors looking back on their past three years at Keene State College, Red and White Night means something different for everyone. Trinity Young, a safety major, said it means, “A fun night where the seniors can get together, kind of forget about classes, free of all the stress that comes with senior year and just have fun.” Young also said the event is a way for students to “take pride in the school and have a community aspect all while being a part of Keene State.” 

Kyah Mekus, a history major, said she was drawn to come to Red and White Night because it was an opportunity to “hang out with friends, dress up and have a good time.” She also said the event is “one of the last senior things I get to do before graduation.” 

With the event being exclusively for the senior class, old friends were given the opportunity to catch up with one another and enjoy the evening. 

Dylan Harden, an exercise science major, said the night was “an important night for seniors to let loose and have some fun before everybody graduates.” Harden also said he was most excited about the bar that was offered at the event. 


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