Keene States’ radio station, WKNH, is planning this semester’s events from tabling to live concerts.

Junior Christopher Perfetto, WKNH’s general manager, said WKNH is planning to have concerts throughout the semester.

“There’s going to be one in October, one in November, and we’re working on something for December, but that’s not final,” Perfetto said. “Lately, we’ve been…on a rock kick…we’re gonna try and keep that going.” Perfetto continued, “We have a couple of local groups…Rock Bottom…Castle Island, and a few other bands are gonna be making appearances.”

Perfetto said “Rock in the NOC” hosted at the Night Owl Cafe will be making a reappearance.

“We call it “Rock in the NOC” where normally there’s two bands for a couple of hours…we listen to some tunes, and then we go about our nights, it’s completely free. Those dates will be released to the public soon,”Perfetto said.

Senior Trevor Adams, the station’s assistant general manager, said WKNH will also plan to table more events.

“We’re trying to have a lot more events in general…we always do tabling for Open House events or any welcome event…we’re thinking about tabling…downstairs,” Adams said. “…We’re still planning stuff in but we’ve been thinking real hard.”

Adams added, “Mostly the events boil down to playing music, or hosting music, but we’ve had other activities. We’ve done record painting, some holiday events towards December, we try to keep that open just because we want to get ourselves out there, especially this year. As for radio shows, we leave that pretty open…we like having a huge variety of stuff, that’s what makes the student run aspect of it so great.”

Adams described the role of non e-board members in events. “In terms of more casual events, where we’re just playing music somewhere on campus, generally it’s historically been mostly the e-board helping out but…we wouldn’t shy away from having general members help that’s what people have done in the past. It’s kind of dwindled.” Additionally, Adams said being a general member does not have to be a big commitment.

“We will allow general members to get behind the e- board and decide on the songs that we’re playing…[general members] can get involved as much as they want or as little as they want, do some committee work or do a show.”

Adams’ advice to newcomers is, “Join…I was welcomed in here and I love this. If you don’t like it, you can just not go again, but if you do like it… [having] more people who love coming here and love doing what we do. If people want to see if this is for them, just show up.” WKNH meets every other Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Student Center room 309.

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