Clark University hosted our Keene State women’s volleyball team on September 5, but the game ended with a loss for the Owls. In the first set, the Owls fell behind by 5 points. Shortly after the Owls’ first point was scored with a kill from number 14, junior Stephanie Olah. The game continued with multiple points for Clark University primarily from their middle, number 9, Sheyenne Williams. The Owls struggled to fight back, but secured a couple more points in the set.

With the score being 21-9, in favor of Clark, the Owls had two-time outs and quickly talked game strategy. They came back and scored, but it wasn’t enough. The first set ended with Clark on top with a score of 25-11.

The Owls started off strong with 4 points to start the second. Clark came back with a couple more points, but the Owls took the lead for most of the set. The set involved many key plays from each team, including 12 kills for Keene, and 10 for Clark.

However, by the end of the set, Clark fell behind, and the Owls took the lead 25-18 with a kill from number 11, senior Veronica Kroha. The third set started with Keene and Clark going back and forth between points until Clark started racking some up.

Clark had many defensive blocks, which caused the Owls to get stuck. After minimal points were scored by the Owls, their coach called a timeout and talked with the team. The first point back on the court was from the Owls. However, the points stopped coming, and Clark kept on top.

The Owls attempt to take back the lead was squashed by Williams, who had a kill and some blocks which stopped the Owls from scoring. Clark would go on to win the set 25-13.

With the game on the line, the Owls needed to win the 4th set. Clark started the set with an ace, and kept gaining points as the set went on. After the 4th point the Owls rallied and started to come back.

Keene continued to fight and ended up tying the score at 8-8. Clark scored the next point, but Keene got one right back.

Both teams kept going back and forth with digs, kills, and blocks. However, Clark came out on top with 4 consecutive points to finish the game, 25-17. The game was a loss for the Owls leaving Keene State with a 2-2 record as they prepare to face Endicott on Sept. 8th.

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