Fraternity recruitment was underway  the past few weeks, with their bid days set to happen by the end of the week.

The KSC fraternities held their informal recruitment, which was not tied to the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC). All fraternities held their recruitment during overlapping time periods, but not necessarily starting or ending on the same day. However, IFC did hold a ‘Meet the Greeks’ event on Sept.13 and a lawn games event on Sept. 14 with all organizations present. 

Fall recruitment is generally smaller compared to spring recruitment, according to the fraternity members who are in charge of recruitment. This is largely because students in the first-year class are not able to join until they reach their second semester and have 12 credits. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) kicked off their recruitment on the same day as the ‘Meet the Greeks’ event, with their informal recruitment officially starting on Sept. 19, according to TKE rush chair Lucas Hare. 

Throughout the rest of their recruitment, they played dodgeball, went bowling and played poker with interested students. For their last day, TKE members brought them over to their house to eat burgers, play dice and give them a tour of the house.

“Instead of a presentation night or yard games when not everyone plays the same game, we share common interests and you’re able to meet everyone a lot easier.”


They were hoping for as many members as they could get, Hare said. 

Their goal was 10 plus, but he said that was definitely “reaching for the stars.”

Sophomore Charlie Baxter, director of recruitment for Delta Tau Delta (Delt), said the recruitment period went pretty well for Delt. He said they are in the process of handing out nine bids.

As a fraternity that became chartered by KSC in Spring 2022, they have three years to gain 15 members to keep their charter according to their national organization, Baxter said. 

“I project we will be able to get that by the end of the spring semester,” Baxter said. 

Delt currently has six members and is hoping to have 13 total by the end of this recruitment period, according to Baxter.

Delt members invited interested students to join them on a hike around and a swim in Goose Pond, along with inviting them over to their house to hang out and play Mario Kart.

Members of Sigma Pi will be handing out their bids sometime this week. Recruitment Chair Nicholas Pope said they are hoping to hand out four or five bids. 

As for the overall recruitment period, he said it went pretty well. 

“We got our name out there for sure,” Pope said. 

During the Sigma Pi recruitment, interested students hung out with the members, watching football, playing poker and playing Mario games.

Alpha Sigma Phi’s (Alpha Sig) recruitment was good as well, said Jakob Newell, vice president of growth. 

“The goal is just to make connections with new members, find people who we think would be a good fit and who think they would want to join,” he said. 

Alpha Sig’s recruitment week consisted of bringing interested students over to their houses to hang out. One of those days they were throwing various items off the roof of the house into their yard, which Newell said is pretty fun. 

For this recruitment period, Newell said they were hoping to bring in 7 new members. 

The official number of bids the fraternities hand out has not been announced yet at the time of this article’s release. 


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