Chock Full O’Notes (CFON), Keene State’s Acapella group, is searching for new members to join their ensemble this year. 

Auditions were held Sunday, Sept. 10, and Wednesday Sept. 13, in the Redfern Arts Center. Auditionees followed a simple process when they decided to audition. 

“We pretty much ask everyone to prepare snippets of two different songs that the singer feels displays their voice well, or something that they’re comfortable with,” said Music Director Simon Furze. 

CFON has a certain number of members they like to recruit, sometimes they recruit more or less than that desired amount. “We prefer to have a smaller, tight-knit group, so I would say 20 members would be our maximum.” said CFON President Hap Ingram. 

When auditioning for CFON, you do not need any prior singing experience–the group is looking for fun individuals who are passionate about singing and joining the group. 

“We’re not looking for the best singer or the loudest singer or the one that can, you know, sound the best. We are really looking for how does this person present themselves? Do they seem like they are passionate about this,” said Furze.  

CFON members work together twice a week to prepare eight songs for their two big concerts each year. Each song performed is the group’s own arrangements made by Furze. However, the members are expected to spend time practicing and listening to arrangements outside of rehearsal to be prepared. 

“My goal as the music director is to try and help people discover their own voices, and get comfortable with their own voices. Music making is a very vulnerable thing, and I tried to break that down so people can express themselves without worry.” said Furze. 

Along with getting new members, CFON is working on filling open positions in their eboard.  

We currently need a vice president and a treasurer. Soon, we will hold an election during a rehearsal where running members will give a short speech and then we will vote as a group,” said Ingram 

In addition to preparing for their fall and spring semester performances, the group is in the process of  planning new events. 

“I would love it if we could do other events, such as a flash mob, invitationals, and small holiday themed performances. Those are just some ideas I have, and I am determined,” said Ingram. 

The members define CFON as not just a music group, but  a community that has formed between the members. 

“Being a part of this group has really helped me stay grounded throughout my college career, and I truly believe the other members would have something very similar to say,”Ingram said. “That is one of the many magical things about CFON, we are all there growing and flourishing together, supporting each other. Like all of the uniquely beautiful plants that we are, creating a very impressive garden.” 


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