Students in Professor Cynthia McLaughlin’s Research in Choreography class (TAD 318) held auditions for the end of the semester Choreography Showcase. The auditions took place on Sunday, Sept. 10 in the Mabel Brown Room.

For the class, student-choreographers are responsible for creating their own choreographed pieces.

Senior-choreographer Sylvan Williams said the audition process allowed for dancers to showcase various styles and skills. “There [were] three short phrases taught… they allow the dancers to showcase different parts of them that we wouldn’t normally see if we did just one phrase,” Williams said. “… And there [was] opportunity for improvisation… we’re really casting a wide net and just trying to see where dancers’ strengths are and how each of  us would implement that into our pieces.” Williams said with her piece she was, “ leaning towards [the theme] of how we remember, what we remember, and why…. what sticks out to us and what do we as a society remember instead of other things.”

Sylvan said she got the inspiration from a story she read one day.

“I was actually reading this funny story about these two dogs in the late 1800’s in San Fransisco that captured… in a very tough time, the hearts of a lot of people in San Francisco,” Sylvan said. “.. It made me think, “Why is that seemingly insignificant story about two random street dogs [memorable]?”

Junior Allyson Crisa said that her choreographed piece will showcase the ups and downs of being a celebrity.

“I’m thinking of doing something about old Hollywood, the good and the bad and all the glamor and just showing the dark side of fame,” Crisa said. “… I’ve always been super interested in Marilyn Monroe, I’m her biggest fan and over the summer I watched a crazy amount of documentaries on her.”

Crisa added, “I’ve always just been into musical theater and that kind of dance so I was like how can I use something I’m really interested in and combine it with what’s happening now and what makes people famous.”

Crisa said that in auditions she looked for dancers who showed effort and passion. “[I liked] anyone who wants to try and who wants to share their passion… I [went in to] pick people who match my movement style but then can bring something else to the table.”

Throughout the semester the studentchoreographers will be expanding upon the backstories and techniques of their pieces. “We just work on creating pieces from scratch, we talk through ideas… then in class it’s more for us to realize what it’s like to be a choreographer,” Crisa said. “… Each of us has a different point of departure, which is a research question we have to look into… it’s a lot of things but it’s going to be great.” The Choreography Showcase will take place Dec. 7 and 8 in the Mabel Brown Room. Cynthia McLaughlin was unavailble for an interview.

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