KSC’s Art Collective has begun weekly meetings in an effort to get the club up and running for the fall semester. The Art Collective is a club on campus where students have the opportunity to embrace their artistic side each week at the meetings.

“It’s wonderful to see all types of skill levels and all walks of life, as it is not an exclusive club; everyone can come as long as they enjoy the idea of art,” said Art Collective President Alysha England.

The Art Collective meets Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. in the painting studio in room 320 of the Redfern Arts Center. England mentioned that she plans to make the club meetings more consistent.

“One week we aim to do free draws where people can come in, hang out and create whatever they want in a shared artistic space,” England said. “The next week we try to do something more creative like getting out in nature and painting/drawing, playing games, etc.”

England added, “We tend to have a monthly theme where we want an activity that is inspired by the season, any holidays or events happening on campus… We hope to have a Halloween-themed meeting in October with a fun activity to do.”

The Art Collective will also be hosting bigger activities at their meetings.

”We try to do a big event [live modeling, a trip, etc.] in order to end the month on a good note,” England said. “Overall, we try to have consistency above all.”

In previous years, The Art Collective has struggled to get organized in the past with a small eboard when the club restarted just a year ago. However, this year England said it is back and ready to overcome any challenges that may come up.

“We are aiming for clear communication, many more large events, collaborating with other organizations, and overall having a wonderful year with a great group of artists,” said England.

Along with planning weekly meetings, England said she is working towards achieving some larger events to come from the Art Collective.

“We have a bunch of goals, though we definitely are hoping for larger events. As mentioned before, we want a handful of trips to go on, fun activities, and are looking to have a successful year with a great group of people,” said England. The Art Collective encourages new members to join in at the meetings.

“I love seeing the creativity and the happiness that people bring into the organization. Seeing people excited and passionate about art and collaborating on ideas for events makes it feel like a true collective.”

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