Keene State got a hint of the wild west during this year’s Spring Carnival, where rides and food filled Appian Way on Friday, April 28.

Students filled Appian Way as they worked their way from the rides to the activities, or took breaks eating the food provided by the Dining Commons (DC). The Student Government was able to bring the Carnival to town this year during the annual event.

“It’s a fun event that I think people look forward to at the end of the year,” Associate Vice President for Student Engagement Jen Ferrell said. “Today since it’s the last day of classes, I think it’s perfect.”

Rides like the Scrambler, a carnival ride where riders are spun around in their seats, and the Round Up, a ride where riders are stuck to the wall and held there from the force of the spinning as the ride lifts up into the air and spins.

The carnival also featured a fun slide, a mechanical bull, and various other carnival activities.

Junior Josh Cooke was able to make it to the carnival after being at the Spring Academic Showcase held earlier that day.

“The food’s definitely changed from normal campus food, so that’s always good,” Cooke said.

Junior Joyce Ambrosio said she really liked the atmosphere of everybody being out on campus.

“It’s good to see everybody out and about socializing with their family and friends,” Ambrosio said.

She mentioned her favorite part was being able to ride the scrambler.

While on his way to the DC, Junior Garrett Currier, saw what was going on and checked it out while also meeting up with some friends.

“It’s good to see the community come together,” Currier said.

He added it reinforces Keene’s messaging of having a strong community.

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