While students are looking forward to their plans for Spring Break, they must first complete their work for the semester midpoint. 

The feeling among students regarding midterms varies depending on factors such as class schedule, major and year of graduation. 

Senior Aly Waldron described the struggle of motivating oneself during the final semester of senior year. “I feel burnt out, I’m checked out. I have 64 days left,” she said. 

Waldron continued, stating for the second half of the semester she is “thinking about the future now, more than next semester.” 

Though Waldron mentioned feeling stressed about the semester, she clarified that it is not midterms that has her feeling stressed. “I don’t have many actual midterms, a lot of my stuff is a paper here or there so I’m not too worried about actual midterms,” Waldron said. 

Sophomore Jenna Limperis has a different outlook on things. Limperis explained how her semester has been going well for her.

 “I’ve been a little bit more stressed than usual. I just feel that I have a lot on my plate with my extracurricular stuff like the dance team. A lot of it comes to balancing that with my school work and just timing,” said Limperis. 

However, Limperis similarly stated that midterms are not a source of much stress for her. 

“All of my midterms are written midterms,” she said. “I feel pretty prepared for them, it’s just a matter of going through my notes.” 

On the topic of the rest of this semester, Limperis said “I feel very confident. I just switched my major and I think I made a good choice for myself. I think I’ll succeed in a field where I’m more motivated.” 

As a junior, Vitheavy Barton had a perspective somewhere in between Waldron and Limperis. Barton described the year as “going good for me” but did mention that “the workload is heavy as a junior.” 

Despite the increased workload, Barton specifically mentioned classes which made the work more rewarding, including a course about Asian culture.

 Barton also said they feel confident about finishing strong this semester, despite a heavy workload. “Next year is my senior year and my advisor is good, so I’ve been able to stay on track with what I need to get done,” Barton said.

 Barton finished by discussing the upcoming midterms. “I actually just took a midterm and I think it was the only test one that I had,” they said. Barton noted that as a graphic design major, most of their midterms were not tests, but rather submissions.

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