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The Zorn Dining Commons (DC) lost a total of 20 points in a routine food license inspection on Nov. 7, 2022, giving the facility an overall score of 80 out of 100.

Points were deducted for several incidents, with ten points total being deducted for “critical items.” 

According to the food inspection letter, five points were deducted for a “case of rotten cantaloupes inside walk-in cooler.” Additionally, five points were deducted for what is listed as “Potentially Hazardous Food Meets Temperature Requirements.” The letter specifies the reasoning being “liquid eggs, French toast batter 57/67 degrees F, salsa 53 degrees F in cold well in Elm City area.” These are the “critical items” totalling ten points mentioned above.

Under the category “cleaning food contact surfaces,” the DC lost a total of eight points across several subcategories. Each violation deducts two points. Those points  were lost due to debris on various cooking equipment and utensils. 

Another category listed as “Cleaning Non-Food Contact Surfaces” saw a total of two points deducted across two subcategories.  

“Mold and debris on various rolling racks and shelving units inside the walk-in coolers (C3, C4) walk-in freezers have heavy ice buildup which is in contact with product cases. In one freezer the ice is blue in color indicating a potential chemical,” according to the inspection letter. 

One point was lost for the shelving and one point was lost for the refrigerator/racks.

According to previous food inspection letters, the DC has not lost this magnitude of points since Nov. 4, 2019. 

In the previous inspection on May 9, 2022, the DC lost eight points, with four of those points being due to “Many fruit flies observed in and around floor drains, in utility room. Also observed some drain flies,” according to the inspection letter from that date.
Bonnie Blanchard, general manager of the DC, was not available for comment by print deadline on Tuesday.

Whitney Hightower, marketing manager and dietitian, was not available for comment by print deadline on Tuesday.

Additionally, Blanchard and Hightower requested a list of questions beforehand to be sent via email. The Equinox declined.

A list of topics was instead emailed and is being reviewed by their communications department at the time of press deadline on Tuesday.


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