The 2000 mockumentary film “Best in Show” showcases characters’ and journeys through the world of competitive dog shows.

The film’s premise and storytelling is hilarious to watch, and the dogs are amazing. “Best In Show” follows five contestants competing in a prestigious dog show in Philadelphia, PA Being a mockumentary, the majority of the dialogue for the film was improvised.

The film stars Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Eugene Levy and Fred Willard, and Director Christopher Guest also stars in the film as a contestant from North Carolina.

What makes this film funny is the interactions the characters have with the camera documenting them on their way to the dog show. You also see organizers for the dog show talk to the camera, as well as the hotel manager.

Each of the five characters of the film represent a stereotype of sorts, as it was made in the late 1990s to early 2000s. For example there is an upper-class wealthy married couple who love J. Crew, a sweet southern man, an odd married couple, closeted friends and a lesbian couple. I feel that the depictions and dialogue choices for the specific roles don’t cross any lines, as this is a satire on the types of people within the dog show world.

I’m a fan of late 1990’s to early 2000’s films because the aesthetic of the time is reflected in the media. A film that is 23-years-old and somehow still holds up today is impressive.

I have seen this film twice in the last two years and, so far, I enjoy it each time. It’s a short film and paces well, and the dogs in the film are cute.The different variations of dogs in this film will satisfy whatever breed you like.

I watched the commentary from the director and producer for the film. It was an interesting watch to hear how the director and the stars in the film handled the project. It also gives more context for the viewer on why certain things were kept in the film, because a lot of the dialogue was improvised.

Speaking of improv, I find it impressive that the improv for the film works out. It’s witty at times, and how the characters interact seem like things they would say. You can see how some of the actors paired well with each other, which enhances the scenes even more.

“Best in Show” contains a funny premise to base a film on. Most people know what dog shows are, but not to the same extent of others, who consider the art their everything.

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