As colder weather is coming, that means students could experience seasonal depression.  

As well as resources that are available in the student center, students around campus have advice to give on how to deal with seasonal depression.  

Grace Venditto, a first-year psychology and theater major, suggested, “I say definitely keep yourself busy and don’t separate yourself from others because that will leave you with just your thoughts and not positive affirmations among others.”  

“Setting goals for myself to find things to look forward to because, for example, Halloween just happened, so lots of people are feeling seasonal depression and are waiting for something else to look forward to, like Christmas,” she added.  

Senior Dominic Lynch said, “Really make sure students take care of themselves, and it’s OK to take a day and it’s OK to be human, and remember to reach out for help if you need it.”   

Marcos Silveira, a junior psychology and holocaust and genocide major, said, “I’d probably say try to get outside your dorm as much as possible, whether it be the library, student center, or study room. That or be sure to use your support networks as much as possible.” 

“Taking walks in the winter can sometimes help, even if it’s cold,” said Julia McGowan, a first-year business major. “I also like to keep busy with different hobbies. Personally, I paint and play guitar, so focusing on these things can help keep me out of seasonal depression. Keeping the shades open for more natural light can also be nice, especially if it’s too cold to be comfortably outside.”  

Mars Rivera, a sophomore community assistant in the Living and Learning Commons and studio arts and education major, said, “Definitely reaching out and finding community and giving yourself moments for yourself, as well as getting out there for social events, and prioritize yourself.”   

For support, the Wellness Center can be contacted at (603) 358-2200. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  


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