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Sorority Recruitment officially kicked off for the fall 2022 semester

The three sororities at Keene State, Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Xi Phi, and Phi Sigma Sigma, are currently working on recruiting newcomers. 

The sororities are having their informal recruitment period, which allows them to have a continuous open bidding. Each sorority has their own recruitment schedule.

Recruitment this year is going very well for the sororities. Julia Mitchell, president of Delta Phi Epsilon said, “It is going pretty good, we have a lot of people showing up to our events.”   

Jordan Travers, president of Delta Xi Phi said that recruitment was going good for them so far, even though they are pretty small. 

President of Phi Sigma Sigma, Jessica Lawton said, despite the fact that it is different with informal recruitment this year “We have been getting a lot of people who are interested in joining.

The sororities have a slew of recruitment events happening throughout their recruitment period. Some events include game nights, picnics, meet and greets and philanthropic nights. Sororities have a great support system for newcomers. 

Mitchells described it as, “Everyone has a big, a member older than you, and a little, a member younger than you, so it seems like a big happy family of big sisters and little sisters.”

Travers  described it as a second family. “It is a family, and a chosen family. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. If I need anything, they are there for you 100%,” said Travers

Similarly, Lawton said, “we call each other sisters. It’s not grouped by grades. You can share experiences and bounce off each other. View people as brothers and sisters.”

Greek life may have some added responsibilities such as community service, fundraising events, and weekly chapter meetings, but  all the sororities agreed that school work comes first. 

Flyers about recruitment are posted all around campus. Students can find more information on each sorority’s social media pages, as well as the Panhellenic social media pages.

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