Equinox staff member and Feminist Collective member sophomore Jordan Travers holding a set of sex toys that were the prizes at Feminist Collective’s Sex Toy Bingo.
Photo Credit: Kayla Barrett / Photo Editor

The newly revived Feminist Collective (FEMCO) filled the Night Owl Café (NOC) for Sex Toy Bingo on Friday, April 15. The event featured games of bingo, but the winners won sex toys.

Co-President Alyssa Hamilton said the event was designed to bring attention to some topics the organization focuses on. “One of the main things that we focus on is sex positivity and sexual assault and talking about things like that, so we thought having an event like that would attract people, but also spread a positive message,”  Hamilton said.

Hamilton said it was also organized to bring campus-wide attention to the organization as a whole. “FEMCO, in the past, hasn’t had a very well-known presence on campus, so we thought it would really make us stand out and get people excited,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said around 100 students showed up to Sex Toy Bingo. The line for the event was past the stairs, leading to the NOC. Hamilton mentioned they were only expecting around 25 people, possibly less, to show, but were surprised by the outcome. Unfortunately, due to the number of people that showed up, they had to turn people away so the NOC was not overcrowded. “There was a big turnout, this is a big thing and we’re trying to make it annual,” said Hamilton. 

One of those students in line to get into Sex Toy Bingo, Kai Plumer, said he was there to “hopefully secure some sex toys.” He described the event as a “good social event.”

Sophomore Alison Corriveau said, “My roommates said that it was going on, and I thought it would be a fun idea and [to] get involved in.”

Another student, Erica Girroir, said, “I’ve never gone to bingo or anything, so I guess it’s something to do and everyone’s pretty much gone.”

At Sex Toy Bingo there were five toys to win, which included a bullet vibrator, strap-on and a set of butt plugs. There was also a basket of sex toys that were put together for a raffle. 

Members of the Feminist Collective wanted to make sure the prizes at Sex Toy Bingo could be used by anyone. “We made sure inclusivity was a big thing,” said Hamilton.

Five games of bingo were played during the event that ran for roughly 45 minutes, with doors opening at around 7 p.m.


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