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Keene State College is adding incentives for upperclassmen to live on campus come Fall 2022. 

Director of Transitions in Community Living, Casey Justice, said students who have over 60 credits will be able to choose from Pondside 2, Pondside 3, Fiske, Holloway, Butler and some of the Owls Nests. These buildings will be a mixture of sophomores, juniors and seniors, while first-years will be living in Carle, Huntress and The Living and Learning Commons. 

The upperclassmen dorms will no longer have community assistants, but will now have an area manager who oversees multiple buildings within a region of campus. “We are confident that the students over in that building are going to be okay without a community assistant,” said Justice. 

Those juniors and seniors who choose to live in Pondside 3, Butler and Holloway will receive a housing incentive of $750 per semester. On campus upperclassmen are guaranteed parking passes as well. “They have to indicate it on the housing application that there’s a checkbox, then prior to July, when everybody can purchase parking passes, those students will be able to purchase one [parking pass] in advance,” Justice said.

Although Justice said it is financially beneficial for more students to live on campus, Justice said, “My hope behind wanting to provide incentives is that we can have a more rich experience with all students on campus and not just a focus on our first- years and sophomores that are required [to live on campus], but that we could encourage some additional connections between students across class years.”


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