Andrew Bennett, a member of the student band ‘Lacquerhead,’ performs at Rocktoberfest.

Every semester, the Social Activities Council (SAC) hosts a variety of events around campus. Chaos Night, Rocktoberfest and Casino Night are just a few of the activities SAC has planned this fall.

Casey Brown, the president of SAC is happy with how the semester has gone so far and is looking forward to more events in the spring. “We’ve had a great fall semester,” said Brown. Brown has some ideas of what SAC will be doing in the spring, saying that they hope to put on a Spring Concert. “We haven’t been able to do one for a few years because of COVID,” Brown said. She also hopes to do a coffee house style event, Stuff-A-Plush, and more events similar to SACtastic Circus, which would involve bringing in performers to put on shows for students.

With Keene still following COVID guidelines, it is important that the events stay safe. With colder weather making it less plausible to hold events outdoors, Brown said that SAC will be sticking to smaller scale events. Big outdoor happenings will be mostly put on hold through the winter, and smaller events will be happening in the student center. “It’s been really easy for us to book spaces in the student center,” Brown said when speaking about how SAC planned to hold indoor events. She also said that with finals coming up and students being more focused on their academics towards the end of the semester, that there was less interest and demand for social events for the remainder of this semester.

SAC has had a successful fall semester, but there is always room for improvement. Brown said that one thing she wanted to work on moving into the spring semester is getting students from all walks of life to attend SAC events. “We see a lot of the same faces,” Brown said. She hopes that going forward they can get more students involved and attending these events so that everyone can benefit from the work SAC does. Brown said that they will be getting some new members to their executive board next semester, and she thinks that brainstorming with the new members and continuing to have conversations about what works will lead to better ways to advertise and hype up SAC events.

Looking back on this semester, Brown is very happy with the calendar of events SAC was able to facilitate. She says that her favorite event was probably Rocktoberfest, and that she is looking forward to planning more great events in the future.


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