The pandemic might have given a bit of a delay but, at last the sequel to 2018’s “Halloween” has come! That follow up is: “Halloween Kills” and like the 2018 film, it continues the story of the classic 1978 horror film. The film is directed by David Gordon Green and is written by Scott Teems, Gordon Green, and Danny McBride. The film stars Jaime Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak and Anthony Michael Hall.

Resuming from the previous film’s endpoint, the film follows killer Michael Myers as he continues wreaking havoc on the town of Haddonfield after surviving the previous film’s trap. As his killing spree continues a mob forms in the neighborhood to defeat Michael once and for all.

Being a fan of both the original and the 2018 film, this was a sequel I was very excited to see. After my viewing, I was impressed. However, I will admit the film was not as great as the first two films. My first problem is, there is a returning character, who is played by a lookalike actor and voiced by someone else that I found very distracting. While the actor and voice actor do a good job, it was clear that it was an impersonation by how different the voice is.

Another slight problem is that not all the main leads from the original and 2018 film get the same screen time as mob characters. The mob characters are compelling, but Curtis’ Laurie and Matichak’s Allison should get equal focus, as they are the main leads.

While the mob in the film diverts attention away from lead characters, it also makes this a film of constant tension. Almost every character is in constant motion throughout the film. The best way to continue to keep audiences frightened is to never let the fear and tense feelings stop. The film is a visual experience and offers scares from heads getting crushed, people being stabbed, killers lurking in houses and shadows and many carved pumpkins.

The theme of evil is prevalent in the film as well. It is clear that Michael is not a killer who is an ordinary man, but rather the face of malicious intent. The film excels at flashbacks, as they actually have a purpose helping us get to know the characters. it is always welcome to see flashbacks used properly fleshing out characters.

I had a great time watching “Halloween Kills”. While there are aspects that needed tweaking, the film is a very welcome addition to the “Halloween” franchise. The film remembers to go all out in giving a visual frightening experience. Tension is established and increases throughout. The film never loses sight of the psychological aspects that make the films so intriguing. All this and career best performances from Jaime Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak and Anthony Michael Hall make this a haunt worth viewing.

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