Campus Safety is revisiting the rules, but this time, with student input.

At a September 28 student assembly meeting, Campus Safety Director Christopher Buckley said Campus Safety was going to revisit the student handbook, but this time he wants a student committee to help advise.

“I think that reviewing our policies as a campus is really important…to keep up with what are current needs, where have we learned from and how can we do better, how we can clarify pieces” Jennifer Ferrell, Vice President of Student Affairs, who acts as the faculty advisor for the student assembly, said.

Ferrell continued, “Reviewing of Campus Safety policies and procedures in general I think is very important because a lot of the time they might be front line responders for times of challenge or crisis.”

Ferrell further explained that students may understand why the processes are what they are in place if they’ve had input into them, and that students being involved in the process could help hold each other accountable.

Buckley said that, ideally, the student panel would involve students from all walks of campus life.

Ferrell explained that while elected student government officials are good to be included, they only bring so much to the table. “We know there’s a broader perspective going into the review of the policies, and there should be, in turn, a larger understanding of why the policies are what they are,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell said that she’s happy Campus Safety is doing this process. “I think it’s probably something that has been needed for a long time, and to finally have a team in place who’s interested in doing that, who’s doing the outreach to gather a good team of students from a wide variety of backgrounds… is only going to lead to better clarity around policies and procedures,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell added that revisiting the policies will bring a better understanding by not only students but by campus safety as well, “To me, it’s all about building our community to a stronger place.”

Christopher Buckley was not available for comment due to illness.

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