Promoting new events at KSC

A lack of attendance may be due to a lack of promoting events.

The Equinox believes that Keene State College needs to advertise its events more effectively.

A very important and crucial way to keep students engaged and active throughout the Keene State College community is by getting students involved. The best way to keep students involved in the KSC community is by having a large variety of activities and events.

One of the biggest issues with the events that Keene State does put on is that they are not widely promoted. On, there is a seemingly outdated portion of the website that hosts a calendar of smaller academic events. It does not help that to access this information, someone would have to go from the homepage to the student life tab, then into the calendar of events tab. The fact that a student would have to go through multiple steps to see what academic activities the college offers is a very distressing sign.

Another place that Keene State students are able to look at a variety of events that are going on at the college is by going to the KSC Owl Network page. The way that someone could access the KSC Owl Network page is by going to, then going to the Student Involvement page and then scrolling down the page until they find the Owl Network website link. Once someone gets onto the Owl Network website, they would need to click on the events tab at the top of the page to view all of the events that are being held by student organizations.

The Equinox recommends that Keene State should try and promote these events and activities on a larger scale by posting more papers throughout the campus. Additionally, there should be a lot more variety of events. Many students feel that they have been to most of the events that the college has to offer by their senior years. This feeling may lead them to think that they have been to every single event, and that there is not much left for them to attend.

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