Ben Stock
Equinox Staff

When you think of what art is, what do you imagine? A painting? A beloved song? Maybe even be a sculptor? All very true examples, yet I believe that it might be too generalized.

The definition of art itself is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. In my opinion, the endless skills and creative aspects of human nature are fundamental to understanding each other. Art itself is the ever flowing spirit that keeps our experience as humans fresh and unique. A primal itch that finds its way into all of our daily lives. Art is now being shown to have an impact on the human mind and our overall well being.

New neuroscience suggests, “Several studies reporting improvements in cognitive function and self-reported quality of life for older adults who engage in the arts and creative activities, compared to those who do not.” It is clear that throughout our evolution it fuels our culture and communication to each other when certain avenues are not compatible.

It seems to me that much of our values in the modern day do not reflect this important innovation as much as the material and consumer culture. Art itself has been squeezed away and confined to just packaged material that can be distributed and sold. And while something can come out of nowhere and have lots of interest, the heart and soul that makes art a wonder is slowly being etched away. There are an abundance of distractions in our world that many are unfortunately unable to find an outlet that they can fully express themselves.

Skills and crafts are all reflections of oneself and the worth that you can share to others and to the rest of the world to influence the future and guide those who feel lost to a meaningful experience. Art in itself is also a reflection of living and the value of integrating your emotional energy to something beautiful.

I can confidently say that art is a great teacher that we tend to forget about. It gives us messages that can deeply affect a person and give them insight into their own lives and what they can see through it. Art connects us to the emotional and sensory spectacle from within and to show how relatable we are to each other through our emotions and spirit. Art also gives us a glimpse into the feelings of the past and the experience of their existence permanently preserved in their once gleaming plethora of experience and teaching what they wish to share for someone to see and experience as they once had.

The value and the impact of art throughout our time is taken for granted and sometimes naive to its importance. Yet, we are surrounded by so much of it in our lives and how everything that is felt and captivating, gives us a deeper insight to the complexity and mystery of our own existence.


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