Claire Boughton
Sports Editor

The long-awaited turf replacement has begun at the Keene State College Owls Athletic Complex. The turf, which was installed in 2004, was evaluated over this past summer and received below-average results.

Now, the construction for the replacement has finally begun.

Keene State College Director of Athletics and Recreation Phil Racicot explained that the turf is expected to be completed in mid-June 2021.

“It was so critically important that we got a shovel in the ground to start this project,” said Racicot. “With construction projects there’s a target date and then there’s a real, actual start date. So the thinking here was, if they can start on the day they say they can start then we need to do this. We can’t delay it. After what happened last year when the whole project got pulled, I certainly was not going to risk every day that went by as we got closer.”

Racicot explained that the estimated budget for the turf is currently around one million and that sports teams who use the turf have been given practice fields elsewhere for the time being.

“We outfitted the practice soccer fields for lacrosse,” said Racicot. “Our grounds guys were amazing, cut the fields, lined them, did everything so that we could practice men’s and women’s lacrosse. We also carved out a place for field hockey to do some things as well.”


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