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On Friday May 7, KSC held a BFA Graphic Design Showcase which went “better than I could’ve asked for,” according to KSC junior and graphic design major Melissa Brochu.

Each student presented different items they thought best represented the work they have put into their portfolios.. Brochu found herself “really proud of the exhibition.” Brochu created, “A screw post book by hand” as well as “a portfolio of images and the process of my designs. I created a personal identity with a logo, business card, resume etc. I made stickers, buttons, and even had branded candy. My themes were bright colors and dots, and they were all over my table.”

Graphic design senior McHale Burgess created “a movie poster of ‘Step-Brothers’ with two dogs replacing Will and John.”

Overall, students described the showcase to be successful “despite the obstacle of it being moved outside. We worked hard to make changes that were COVID safe,” according to Brochu. Students said they found the audience to be intrigued with the work they were presenting. Brochu said, “people were excited to see my work and look through the book of my work.”

Burgess was also excited that “for the first time, I was able to show my design work over the last four years to people outside the department.” Burgess added, “I think the show came out wonderful.”

Though they had to work around some irregular circumstances, each student put in extra effort to make the show work. Junior Juliet Hunt said, “Many of us were up until early hours of the mornings preparing for the show.” Hunt went on to describe the preparation for the exhibition to be “sort of like finals week on steroids.”

Overall, Burgess said, “I am very proud of my classmates for being given a problem so close to our show and putting together a really fantastic COVID-safe gathering.”

Brochu said she wished some things were done differently, “I would want my friends, family and the public to be able to come. They weren’t able to due to COVID restrictions, it would have been nice to have the opportunity to have possible employers attend like past years have.” Brochu added on that despite COVID limitations, the BFA Graphic Design showcase still had “a great turnout.”

Similarly, Hunt said, “It is a bit disappointing to have during COVID, that our family, friends, and potential future employers can’t attend to view our work and meet us in-person.” Working with what they had, the students made the best of their show and Burgess said, “I had an incredible experience and I hope the people who came out to support us felt the same way.”

Some of the students reflected on their time here at Keene State and in the graphic decision program, specifically. Brochu said “I love Keene State and I think the BFA graphic design program has really prepared me for my future career in graphic design.” She displayed gratitude to the school, program and friends she had made while in this program.

Burgess described his experience to be “both difficult and rewarding.” Burgess went on to show gratitude towards his professors explaining, “They all want to see the students succeed and push them to their best ability.” Burgess said that it was sometimes difficult to see at first. “Some of the critiques might seem harsh, but they are being honest and it is nice to hear honest feedback on your work,” Burgess said. Overall, Burgess said he is thankful for all the criticism in the early years as it pushed him to work harder and get to the place he is now. Burgess also shared his last statement, “Keene, to me, is my second home and I will always cherish the memories and friendships I have made here.”

The exhibition left a feeling of success, Brochu said she “couldn’t stop smiling!”


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